5 Tips for Printer Troubleshooting

Administrator : January 2, 2018 3:28 pm : Blog

Have you ever had a big print job to get out and the deadline is approaching? It will take days to get a repair technician on site, and outsourcing isn’t a timely option either.

Sometimes a system malfunction can be resolved with a quick do-it-yourself fix.

Printer troubleshooting is quite simple. Keep reading for 5 quick tips that can save you time and money when your printer stops working.

1. Check the Toner and Ink

Printers use toner cartridges. In addition, color copiers use four color cartridges, which include black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

If the toner or one of the color cartridges is low or empty, the printer will not work.

Make sure that your office keeps extra cartridges on hand. If your company leases their printers, you may have to order directly from the printer supplier. This could take a day or two to receive.

2. Check for Paper Jams

Another problem that can be resolved through printer troubleshooting is paper jams. A paper jam is a common nuisance that can tie up a printer for minutes or hours.

Paper jams can involve a full sheet or paper, or it can be a tiny piece that has gotten caught along the paper track. Never pull or snatch paper to remove a jam. Use the machines knobs and rollers.

Newer commercial printers come with sensors that will show where the paper is jammed. It will also guide you or how to reach the paper.

3. Check the Plug and Cables for quick Printer Troubleshooting

Maybe the cleaning crew had to move the printer, and it became unplugged, or the cable has come loose.

A quick check can resolve this printer problem. Simply plug the unit back into the outlet and wait for it to reset.

If the cables have come loose, you may need to get someone from desktop support to come and ensure they are reconnected properly. This may require diagnostic testing to see if the printer restarts correctly.

4. Is Your Computer Mapped to the Printer?

Depending on the number of employees, some businesses have multiple printers. If you are printing remotely, and the printer you are checking is not receiving your job, it may mean you are not connected to that printer.

Go into your print menu and verify which printer is receiving your print job.

5. Check to See If Other Jobs Are In the Queue

It happens all the time. Someone sends a job to the printer’s queue and then log-off for the day.

If the job did not print, it could be sitting in the queue. Your job won’t print until the jobs ahead of you are cleared.

Do a quick check of the printer queue and reach-out to coworkers to see if there is an issue preventing their job from printing.

Did These Quick Tips Help Troubleshoot the Issue?

Troubleshooting why your printer isn’t working is a good skill to have. If you are still experiencing problems or the same issues reoccur, it may be time to call in a professional.

If you require service or you’re looking to replace your existing printer, contact us for a quote. We are here to help.

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What Are the Benefits of Managed Print Services?

Administrator : December 1, 2017 4:39 pm : Blog, Managed Print Services

If you own a business, you know how crucial printing is for you, your employees, and your customers. It can also be quite the hassle to manage.

Are you considering streamlining your business by taking advantage of managed print services (MPS)?

Good for you! As it turns out, there are many benefits for these services.

Let’s get into them!

Reduced Print Volume

Ready to cut excess waste and money? Managed print services provide detailed, in-depth information about your customers’ printing activities.

This information can help you cut out unnecessary printing and optimize your print process — less wasted time, resources, and money for your business.

Enhanced Security

Nowadays, who doesn’t know the importance of protective security measures? Even though many printing devices now had security authentication factors and activity trackers, they don’t compare to managed print services.

That’s because MPS encrypt data and take extensive measures to protect your information.

In a world threatened continuously by data breaches, this might be the peace of mind your company needs.

Remote Managing

When you use MPS, you have remote access to all your fleets, billing information, and customer interaction.

Work across a vast region? Looking to expand your services? This remote managing is definitely for you.

That significant perk can help you develop your service areas and attract new markets. If you’re looking to grow your business, this can provide you with the path to do just that.

Enhanced Efficiency & Time-Management

Successful business owners know the significance of working smarter, instead of harder. They also know how to maximize their resource allocation and use their time efficiently.

With these services, you can do much more with less. Rather than driving around and collecting meters at various customer sites, you can do it virtually. That means doing it anytime, anywhere.

As a business owner, your time is precious. You’re likely busy all the time. Streamlining this process can help you in more ways than you ever envisioned.

Save the Environment

Ever notice just how many supplies your company goes through? How much paper do you throw out on a daily basis? It’s probably a lot, but you’re not alone. Most businesses produce too much waste.

MPS helps reduce paper and supply waste. They also minimize electrical consumption through streamlining their devices and management.

If you’re thinking about going more eco-friendly or merely interested in just cutting down on excess waste, MPS is for you. Let your business be a shining example of helping save the environment!

Final Thoughts on Managed Print Services

Let’s be honest. You’re really busy and likely need to be in a million places at once. Give yourself a break and consider the benefits of MPS.

At Advanced Document Solutions, we support small businesses in all their printing and service needs.

We proudly provide top equipment and supplies all within your budget. Contact us today for more information. We’re excited to chat with you!

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5 Benefits of Color Printers in the Workplace

Administrator : November 7, 2017 1:25 pm : Blog

Color printer prints photo on white isolated background. 3d

What’s life without beautiful vibrant colors? Colors affect our psyche in different ways, and businesses that play on this are raking in the profits.

If you haven’t already heard, there’s actually a psychology behind the colors we use in marketing. But if your company isn’t using color printers, then you can forget about doing the same.

Of course, there are various other benefits you can get out of having quality printers in your workplace.

Let’s review five benefits you can take advantage of today.

1. Differentiate Your Company from the Rest

That’s a top priority for any business owner. Otherwise, what makes you better than your competition? The best way to showcase this is through your marketing collateral.

With the right design and ad copy, you can draw attention to your business and potentially boost your profits. It also helps with brand recognition, especially when you display logos in color.

And let’s face it, black and white has never gotten anyone’s attention.

In fact, 54% of people say they’re more likely to read a document that’s printed in color.

2. Make Your Messages Easier to Digest

The brochures you develop sometimes have valuable information displayed using graphs and charts. Color coding these can help make it easier for your prospects to understand your message.

Also, the layout of your content and the color of each section can make the details easier to scan.

About 76% of people say color helps make locating information easier.

3. Give Your Revenue a Boost

What business doesn’t want to do boost their revenue? One way color printers can help with this is in your invoices. For instance, printing them out with important areas having color.

Stats show 43% of people pay their invoices faster when the amount due is highlighted in color. It’s a wonderful and affordable technique you can use to get more money flowing into your business.

4. Colorful Ink Is Actually Economical

Black ink is no cheaper than colorful ink. So if this is the excuse you use to justify not using color ink, then it’s time to change your perspective.

In the past, colored ink was perceived as luxury and expensive. However, today’s printers are readily accessible, along with colored ink.

Then there’s always the option of refilling your ink cartridges to save even more money.

5. Color Printers Are Easy and Efficient

Back in the day, printing out colored statements required separate pre-printing work. This, in turn, prolonged the process. Plus, you needed different systems to handle the different materials you printed.

All this did was consume more floor space. So to conserve time, money and space, adopting color printers into your setup is key.

Find Valuable Products and Services

At the end of the day, your business tasks are only as good as the equipment used to complete them. So quality is everything.

At Champion Business Solutions, we have a selection of office equipment, including copiers and color printers. Plus, we offer request services for when things go wrong.

If you’re in need of a new printer for your workplace, then contact us today!

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What Is the Most Economical Printer for Startups?

Administrator : October 5, 2017 12:51 pm : Blog

Choosing the essential equipment for your business office can be a daunting task. With so many options, how are you to be sure you’ve selected the best options to match your needs and budget?

Printers come in a variety of selections, matching needs both great and small. And some have a lot of features, too, for a price. But the pricier printers aren’t necessarily the better choices for a start-up business. If you’re seeking ways to minimize your office budget, chances are you’re looking for the most economical printer that will suit your needs.

Read on to discover which printer is most suitable for your business.

Team Ink vs Team Laser

Printers today come in two forms: those that use ink cartridges and those that use a toner to print.

Ink is what most of us grew up with, and it will suit the needs of those with moderate printing needs. The printers are fairly inexpensive, but the cost of maintaining a healthy supply of ink can add up. That said, even the most economical printer that uses ink can accomplish a variety of tasks, from simple text to vibrant photos.

Laser printers use heat to apply toner to the page, a process similar to a photocopier. They can manage large print quantities quickly and efficiently. So long as it’s simple, monochromatic text. Laser printers are not ideal for color or photo printing, unless your budget allows for a high-end printer.

It really comes down to quality vs quantity in this aspect: will your business be pumping out the pages? Or do you need something that can support a variety of printed creations?

Go with a laser printer if you need high-quantity for an affordable price.

Pick up an inkjet printer if you intend to print a variety of projects that demand quality.

Additional Features

Printers can offer a host of extra features that can save your business time and money.

Consider if any of these might be essential for your start-up business:

  • Scanning: upload your important paper-documents for filing and sharing
  • Faxing: not a prominent as it once was, but still a necessary feature for some in today’s business world
  • Wireless Support: allow users to access the printer through a wireless cloud-network
  • Connectivity: access documents and photos for printing directly off an SD memory card
  • Letter Size: create custom envelopes and other sizes beyond the 8.5×11″ norm
  • Double-sided: if you can, always print double-sided pages (your pocket and the planet will thank you!)

The Most Economical Printer for You

You know your business better than anyone.

Once you’ve decided what sort of printer and features will suit your needs, take a look our selection to find the most economical printer for you. And remember, should you ever need support with your printer, feel free to contact us.

Champion Business Solutions has a host of experts on standby to service your machine for repair and maintenance. Starting your business will be full of up’s and down’s, we’ll be here to help you when you need it.

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5 Benefits of Managed Print Solutions for Your Office

Administrator : September 5, 2017 10:12 pm : Blog, Managed Print Services

Even in our digital world, printing still has its place. The average office worker prints about 10,000 pages each year.

Chances are that your company’s printing services are under-managed.

Do you know how many printers and fax machines that your company uses? Are you aware of how often your employees print? How much printed paper is thrown away?

To optimize company-wide printing, implement managed print solutions (MPS).

Optimizing print devices saves money and increases efficiency. MPS also reduces the amount of paper waste that your company creates.

Need a little more convincing? Keep reading to learn about the top 5 benefits of using MPS.

1. Determine Printing Needs

Many offices are unaware of their print fleet. Having unused printing devices costs money. What’s worse than a printer that hasn’t been used for months?

Consolidating these devices minimizes print budget while boosting office efficiency.

An MPS provider can determine:

  • Actual print fleet
  • Cost effective print fleet
  • Best printing devices to meet company needs

Using managed print services will identify under-performing and unused devices. In turn, these devices can be replaced with more efficient models.

2. Improved Printer Placement

How much time do your employees waste walking to retrieve printed papers? Is there a printer on each floor of the office building?

If not, now’s the time to use managed print solutions to improve printer placement.

Print devices need to be accessible by all employees. This maximizes device usage while improving workflow.

3. Reduced Printing Costs

Using MPS reduces printing costs. MPS providers usually offer all-inclusive packages that combine routine costs. Packages can include costs such as:

  • Ink and toner
  • Device purchases
  • Repair services
  • Parts replacement

This service also provides printing statistics. You’ll receive monthly and yearly statements that indicate printing volume.

This helps to determine new printing needs.

4. Eco-friendly Printing

A growing number of companies want to lessen their carbon footprint. Changing how and how often your company prints can lessen environmental impact.

Did you know that a case of paper requires 60% of a tree? This means that each employee uses about 1.2 trees each year.

With print fleet optimization, your company can reduce its paper and electricity usage. The installation of multifunctional printing devices boosts your company’s sustainability.

5. Supply Delivery Made Easy

Managing printing supplies can be time-consuming. Knowing which toner cartridges to order and when is a supply management nightmare.

With MPS, your print fleet needs are monitored.

Does a printer need a new toner? Running low on yellow ink?

With print fleet monitoring, replacement supplies are ordered automatically. This reduces equipment downtime which boosts office efficiency.

Gone are the days of waiting for ink and toner to be delivered.

A Trusted Managed Print Solutions Company

Looking for a company that is well versed in the office and business equipment industry? Interested in managed print services or document management?

If so, Advanced Document Solutions is the company for you. We have more than 35 years in the industry.

You can count on our solution experts to boost your office’s efficiency!

Contact us today to get started.

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Planning for a Digital Disaster

Administrator : August 25, 2017 2:13 pm : Blog, Security

Having a highly-digital workplace doesn’t come without it’s risked. New threats are emerging and targeting unsuspecting small businesses. It’s vital that you have a plan in the wake of a digital disaster.

Xerox is helping you plan with a preparation checklist to consider.

Know Your Weak Spots

No business is perfect and every one has a pressure point of vulnerability. Your strength lies in knowing what those points are and planning for the future. Whether you’re at risk for a hurricane or other natural disasters, or–like us–you’re at risk for tornadoes, insure yourself and your business against natural disasters.

After you’re insured, plan for the worst case scenario. If a natural disaster occurred, would you be ready? How would it impact your business? Would a loss of functions be “mission-critical” for your business?

Being able to plan for the worst case scenario will help you in a crisis.

Look to the Cloud

Ensure that all of your most sensitive documents are in the cloud. Even businesses who store their documents in a cloud-based program find that some of their most sensitive documents have missed digitization. Some of the documents you’ll want to have are:

  • Insurance documents
  • Customer/vendor lists and contact information
  • Financial/accounting data
  • Contracts and orders
  • Inventory records
  • Corporate documents
  • Employee contact information

Use Technology to Streamline Digitization

Going digital is a bit of a process! Thankfully, innovations in technology is paving the way towards ease of use. Xerox’ ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers (MFPs) are automated with digital workflows that can easily be configured to scan to the cloud, your computer, or folders. Use the technology at your disposal to streamline digitization.

Don’t Forget to Communicate

In the event of a disaster, you’ll need to get in contact with your employees as soon as possible. Have their contact information in several places so you can reach out and communicate with your team. Natural disasters lead to business closures and future planning that should be shared with employees. Print out employee contact information and keep a copy at home.


Advanced Document Solutions is providing Louisville and surrounding areas premiere services and the highest quality products in Kentucky. Contact us today to discuss your print environment. Not sure what your print environment looks like? Contact us for an Office Assessment, to help you better understand your print environment and identify areas of waste or opportunity.

We are ready to visit your office and help you build a better work environment!

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Uncover Hidden Costs in the Office

Administrator : July 19, 2017 8:47 pm : Blog

Unsurprisingly, cost is always revealed as a top priority for businesses. The coexisting nature of technology and business has put extra pressure on IT departments. Quick responses and resolutions are key to avoid costly consequences.

However, there are hidden costs all around the office that you may not realize.

Xerox has changed their tune to focus on cost reduction through Managed Print Services. This program is focused on surface, yet minimal, but even these programs can be focused on the most surface and obvious costs like hardware, maintenance, and supplies. You’d be surprised how much money can be tied

In an effort to be cost effective in all areas, Xerox has discovered five unusual areas where hidden costs lay.

  • Organizational Productivity
  • Procurement and Administration
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • IT Service Desk
  • Storage and Office Space

Saving with Managed Print Services

Nervous? Don’t be! Consider Managed Print Services (MPS) your knight in shining armor, riding it’s noble steed to your office to alleviate costs in several areas of your office. No, we can’t guarantee a horse, but we can guarantee that MPS will take some financial stress off of your shoulders.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) the total cost of printing is normally one to three percent of revenue, with revenue having the potential for as much as a 30% of cost reduction.

So, how does MPS help? MPS sweeps up the smaller costs that pile up until they’re threatening to choke your business. MPS can:

  • Cut costs on printing consumables, service, and your cost-per-page
  • Reduce energy consumption through device consolidation
  • Ensure devices stay up-to-date through remote maintenance and life-cycle management
  • Automated meter reads and easy supply ordering
  • Control and forecast budgets accurately by setting your printing and supply costs up-front
  • Visibility in print activity and trends allows for greater control of printing costs
  • and more!

Sounds good to us! Give Advanced Document Solutions a call to schedule an appointment. Trust us—you won’t be disappointed!

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How to Choose the Perfect MPS Team

Administrator : June 16, 2017 4:19 pm : Blog, Managed Print Services, Xerox

How to Choose the Perfect MPS TeamManaged Print Services (MPS) is the elixir for businesses. Regardless of your industry, MPS can take your operation from point A to point B. Feel more confident in your process with a system that works with your output, internal infrastructure, and works with your success in mind.

So, how do you find the right provider for your needs. The answer isn’t that black and white so the team at Advanced Document Solutions has put together a short list of considerations when choosing a potential provider.

Read below to find out what you need to be looking for!

How do the measure your business?

MPS providers should have a system to measure and plan for your needs. Ensure that they know the size and scare of your business, have thoroughly looked at your print environment, and know you input/output. These are the seeds to success for MPS.

Do they have examples of proven success?

When you choose anything, be it an MPS provider, new car, or new employee, you want to see how their past reflects their future. Don’t be afraid to ask for past examples of success. In fact, they should give examples before you ask.

Can MPS improve document management?

It’s unrealistic to think that you’ll transition from hard-copy documents to digital in an instant. Instead, your MPS provider should give your business a system in which you can plan to digitize your documents without sacrificing your hard copies.

How will they integrate their services with your IT structure?

Ensure that your MPS team will work with your IT team or company. Together, you can work to plan cloud integration, future processes, etc.

Is there room for growth?

Is this company going to be with you for the long haul? MPS is a pretty big investment, ensure that you’re choosing a provider that views you as a partner rather than just another client. The right provider will lead to growth rather than a steady line.

Do they have security integrations?

More than 50,000 new security threats emerge worldwide every day, and a number of them are targeting printers and MFP devices. Ask how MPS are working against those numbers and establishing a secure connection.

Do they have reporting capabilities?

At the end of the day, you’ll want to see some numbers to ensure that your investment is heading towards the right direction. Your MPS provider should have reporting capabilities and tools to analyze cost savings and performance.

Advanced Document Solutions delivers outstanding results, predictable and controlled costs, plus increased flexibility. Contact us today to discuss your Managed Print Service needs.

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5 Security Tips Every Business Should Know

Administrator : May 17, 2017 6:20 pm : Blog, Louisville, Security, Xerox

 5 Security Tips Every Business Should Know It goes without saying that security is a must for businesses. Many owners have the keys, locks, and surveillance for their physical location but few extend that security to their digital processes. Advanced Document Solutions and Xerox digital solutions are the key to business longevity and keeping sensitive materials secure.

Are you taking all the right precautions? These 5 tips will help your business stay safe, secure, and successful.

# 1. Providing Powerful Printers

Stock up on printers you can count on. Advanced Document Solutions has color, black and white, and multifunction devices for all of your offices needs. Printers are one of the foundations for your business. We believe that it all starts with the security of your printer, that’s why we provide the industry leader in security and quality. Invest today and save tomorrow.

# 2. Secure Mobility

Working in the palm of our hands has become second nature. However, while you work on your smart device, ensure that you and your employees are taking the right precautions. Smart phones and tablets are susceptible to viruses and cyber hacks just like desktops and laptops can be. When you begin implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, security is a must-have.

Xerox understands the need to be secure on-the-go.

#3. Trusted Employees

Always hire people you trust. Listen to that gut feeling and little voice in your head. Hiring smart is one of the best way you can keep your business secure and successful.

#4. The Key to Keyboards

Think of keyboards as the gateway to your business. It may sound unbelievable but an increase reliance on wireless keyboards, a new security threat has emerged. When keyboards are hacked all of your most sensitive information is taken along with it.

Invest in software that keeps your keyboard out of the hands of hackers.

#5. Print Management

Securing your software should be one of the first steps taken to prevent cyber-attack. All it takes is a little time to stay up-to-date. This goes for your software, as well as your printer.

Thankfully, Xerox is helping you every step of the way with features like ConnectKey®. ConnectKey® Technology is advantageous because it has an Automatic Firmware Update Solution that provides automatic updates without any intervention. Let your technology do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business.

Security in Louisville

Secure printers are what we do best! Advanced Document Solutions is assisting small to medium-sized businesses in secure processes. From locked and secure printers to new document management systems, our team is tackling security from every angle.

Contact us today and start moving towards a safer work space.

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Make Magic with MPS

Administrator : April 13, 2017 5:28 pm : Blog, Louisville, Managed Print Services, Xerox

“Managed Print Services (MPS) can take your printing infrastructure from so-so to outstanding. MPS is about more than just printers. It’s everything related to printers, their output, supplies and support, the way you use documents, and the people and processes that intersect with each of these.”

Make some magic in the office with Managed Print Services (MPS)!

That’s right! Xerox has transformed one of it’s most successful services to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. These updated services help your business:

  • Anticipate Demand
  • Out-think the Competition
  • Empower Your Employees
  • Protect Sensitive Information

If you are not invested in MPS, it’s time to start!

What Can You Expect from MPS

If you’re new to MPS, you’ll need a little background on what to expect. MPS is a cost-effective service that will help you better manage your print environment.

Predictability & Value

Visibility: Your business will benefit from routinely scheduled invoicing. Enjoy clear visibility of your office’s costs and will enable you to accurately budget for your office printing needs.

All-in-one cost per page: One fixed price-per-page is the solution for your supply and service needs. Say goodbye to print area coverage or hidden cost worries.

Professional Service & Support

PagePack: Our print management service provides a flexible, inclusive services and supplies for selected professional Xerox office and advanced single and multi-function printing devices.

Service and support: Advanced Document Solutions offers maintenance, on-site service and technical support to ensure that your business gets dependable, professional printing when you need it most.

Flexibility & Ease of Use

Custom solutions: Advanced Document Solutions will pair you with the program fit for your business needs and goals. Whether you are concerned with initial acquisition costs or need a low price-per-page for high-volume printing, our partners can develop a PagePack Service and Supplies Plan that’s right for you.

With PagePack Assistant monitoring, it’s easy to get supplies right when you need them, delivered directly to your door. All of our supplies are included with your fixed price-per-page for worry-free printing – you only supply the paper.

Efficiency, visibility, manageability, balance. It’s the Xerox guarantee that you have come to expect. Let Advanced Document Solutions take the pain out of printing and replace it with predictability, productivity and peace of mind.

Making Magic in the Office

Advanced Document Solutions is providing Louisville and surrounding areas premiere services and the highest quality products in Kentucky. Contact us today to discuss your print environment. Not sure what your print environment looks like? Contact us for an Office Assessment, to help you better understand your print environment and identify areas of waste or opportunity.

You can even read about Document Analytics in a free eBook!

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