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Networking Information

1. ADS will assist with Printer Driver software installation on up to 5 workstations.

2. ADS will provide training for the Network Administrator or Key Operator (if present) on the installation of driver and scan options.

3. ADS will NOT install software or make modifications on a customer's server without the Network Administrator or a representative of the customer's IT Department present.

4. When configuring Scan to Email the preferred method is scanning to a Microsoft Exchange Server. When using an outside ISP for Scan to Email ADS will configure on a "best efforts" basis and can only guarantee the functionality of the MFP and not the outside ISP.

5. Scanning to an FTP folder will always be your BEST way of scanning large amounts of Data and/or Files.

Work Will Be Completed As Follows

The customer is responsible for the print drivers and scan configuration after the initial installation. Software changes are not covered by copier service contracts offered through Advanced Document Solutions. The customer is responsible for any changes that may affect the copier’s initial installation including changes to the network settings, office environment, personnel or copier relocation. The copier can be tested at customer’s request to verify it is working correctly, and any re-installation/re-configuration due to these changes will incur additional service fees.

Advanced Document Solutions makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning existing computer hardware, software, systems, or programs, or other products of any type, which may be produced or procured as a result of these services. Advanced Documents Solutions is not responsible for any actual or consequential damages that may arise from these professional services. In no case shall Advanced Document Solutions liabilities exceed the sum of the monies received from the customer.

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